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Author Topic: 3rd Gen Key In Accessory Chime Delete  (Read 2912 times)

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3rd Gen Key In Accessory Chime Delete
« on: April 06, 2011, 10:44:36 pm »
We've all been there. You're wantin to clean your truck with the key on accessory so you can listen to the radio, BUT that darn chime just won't SHUT UP when the door is open!

Well... Here is the answer to your problems! :D

Tools Needed:

Cutting utensil (scissors, wire cutters, etc)
Phillips Screw Driver
Flat head screwdriver
10mm socket w/ extension
Electrical Tape
15 minutes to do this

1). Now proceed to remove the drivers side door panel. This involves removing the screw at the upper right where you would normally put a tweeter at, then removing two screws on the bottom side of the panel, and finally removing the door handle which requires pulling up on the handle, locating the 10mm bolt, and then unscrew it outta there. The door handle should come right off.

2.) Then, get a flat head screw driver and carefully pry up your window switch panel. It will pop right out. Undo the wiring harnesses and set the panel to the side for now.

3.). After all the screws are out, lift straight up on the panel (watch out for the door lock knob and move it out of the way if you need to). It should come right up with no problem at all. Once you got it off, set it to the side.

4.) You'll be looking at a mass of white plastic overlapping the inside of the door. I used a razor knife and just cut a small slit in the plastic right where the wires are at. You'll see the trail of 4 wires going to your door latch assembly. The wire you are lookin for is in that group.

5.) You will need to find the black wire with a purple stripe on it. That is the culprit!!! Simply cut that wire and use some electrical tape on both ends of the open wire.

6.) Wait! Don't put that panel back on yet. Go find your keys and, while keeping the door open, turn the key on accessory with the door open and enjoy the sounds of silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

7.) Re-install the door panel in reverse order and you are DONE with that annoying chime!

Just to clarify for everyone, this ONLY removes the chimes for the "door ajar" while the drivers side door is open and also the "key-in-ingintion" for when the drivers side door is open. It will also remove the "door ajar" light/icon on the instrument cluster when ONLY the DRIVERS SIDE door is open. The chimes and icon/light will still operate on the other doors unless you cut those wires too.

Enjoy your music while detailing the truck, and getting locked out because you didn't hear the chime warning you that you really should get a few spares made. LOL Enjoy yall :D

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Re: 3rd Gen Key In Accessory Chime Delete
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 05:44:29 pm »
On a 2006 2500 3rd gen, the wire to clip is an 18 awg solid black wire that runs vertically along the door edge near the lock.
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