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Author Topic: roll pan install  (Read 4384 times)

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roll pan install
« on: August 08, 2011, 03:05:42 am »
so, i got my roll pan in and all painted up.  figured i share the install with all.  enjoy

start by removing the license plate, the tailgate and the trailor electrical plug (4, 20 torx bolts).  Next remove these 3 bolts.  bottom 2 are 15 mm and the top one is a 21 mm.

while your still under the truck, remove this 15 mm bolt.  its located right on the top edge of the bumper

next, remove the 2, 15 mm bolts that are located behind the license plate

now the bumpers ready to come off.  dont forget to remove the license plate lights (one on each side of the plate)

after removing the bumper, these 2, 21 mm bolts will be more exposed and need to be removed to take off the reciever hitch.

next remove the 3, 20 torx bolts from the fuel neck,

then remove the 10 mm bolt holding the ground cable on the bed.  you can remove the tail lights and take the harness out of the mounting holes, but i just left mine in and had no issues.

next remove the 6, 18 mm bolts holding the bed on.  there are 2 (one on each side) towards the front and 4 (two on each side) towards the rear about a foot apart from each other.




after all 6 bed bolts are out, lift 1 side at a time and slide 2, 4x4's between the bed and frame.  didn't get any pics of this, but pretty self explanatory.  after both sides are secured up, the remove the hitch.

the reason u have to remove the bed is because it goes up over the frame and has a bed bolt up through it and the  back of the hitch has a small tab on it the hooks down into the top of the frame.  after u remove the hitch, remove the 4, 4x4's, re-align the bed with the bolt holes and re install the 6 bed bolts.  re install the ground strap bolt and the 3 torx bolts for the fuel fill neck at this time also.  hitch looks like this

next step is to get the roll pan all squared up and level.  once thats done, mark your 6 holes with a marker.  remove the roll pan and place it back out of the way.  drill your 6 holes with a 13/64ths drill bit.  now, place the roll pan back on and secure it to the bed with the 6 supplied screws

the next step can be done by one person, but its nice to have a second set of  hands.  the bottom of the roll pan needs to be pushed in by one person so it sits flush with the fenders while the other person marks and drills the holes.  the kit came with 2 self taping screws, but i opted for machine screws, washers and lock nuts. 

next step is to cut the 2 wires off each harness goin to the license plate lights and solder them to the wires from the new light that comes with the kit.  when thats done, electric tape them up and throw some flexable tubing on them and tape that as well

after securing up your electrical connections for your hitch and put the tail gate back on, clean up and call it a day :cheers:.  for you calorie counters, i'll way the bumper and the hitch tomorrow to see how much it weighs vs the 10-15 (estimated)lbs roll pan.  heres the end result.


mama tried

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Re: roll pan install
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2011, 12:49:00 pm »
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Re: roll pan install
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2011, 01:57:35 pm »
likin it... i got the same one, now just have to find a hitch !
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Re: roll pan install
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2011, 06:13:09 pm »
39.6 lbs for the bumper and 60 for the hitch, so right around 100 lbs of weight shedded
mama tried

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Re: roll pan install
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2011, 08:32:04 pm »
... so right around 100 lbs of weight shedded

If only dieting was that easy :D
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