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Author Topic: Just my freakin luck!  (Read 2024 times)

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Just my freakin luck!
« on: November 27, 2014, 01:54:21 pm »
So last year I traded in my Jeep Liberty for a '01 Plymouth Neon LX 5-sp with 115K miles(can't help it, I LOVE neons lol).  Well, the rear brakes started squeaking so I figured it's time to replace the shoes (no idea if they were ever replaced by pervious owner).  Went to the parts store and ordered all new hardware.  Sat down this past Saturday to try my hand at replacing drum brakes for the first time (with my cousin who's a mechanic who offered to lend a hand since I've never done drums before).  Got the car jacked up and the driver rear tire off and low and behold, THEIR DISK BRAKES!  This is my 4th Neon, and I've NEVER seen a non-SRT with disk in the back, neither had my cousin who's been working on cars for 15+ years.  So took the drum hardware back to the store and had to order rear rotors and pads, because NOBODY had them in stock.  Every place I called asked if I had a SRT when I said I needed rear rotors and pads for a Neon, they'd never heard of a reg Neon with rear disk either.  So know I'm waiting the 5-10 business days it will take to get them in from the distribution center.  Thankfully, with disk brakes, I know what the hell I'm doing lol.  Maybe when I bought this Neon, it having Traction Control (which I'd never seen in a Neon before either) should have tipped me off that things weren't gonna be normal with this car  :banging:  :banging:
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