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Author Topic: Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island  (Read 1293 times)

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Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:39:48 am »
Trying to get caught up here....

Backstory---Back in January we started throwing around some ideas for our 20th anniversary. Wife came up with a great idea. Since we were spending the 4th of July in Mackinaw, she thought it would be cool to spend a night at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island. Now our anniversary is in April, and the Island is pretty much still shut down from the winter, thus why we are celebrating in July. So I look up the hotel web page for reservations and prices. HOLY CRAP! That weekend rates started at $349 per person, per night! Add in 2 people, taxes, fees, luggage handling, ferry (only way to get there is by boat), parking, etc I'm looking at close to a grand...for one night! Sorry babe, not happening. So we decide to go to the island and just partake in there famous buffet dinner and call it good.

Forward to Feb and I am scanning the net on my phone after work one morning and hit on a ad called Celebrate Michigan, with specials at the Grand Hotel for $128 a night! Called and made reservations and BAM! we are on for the end of May. Instead of spending $800-$1000 for a holiday night, we got there special deal for about $375 all inclusive. For those that don't know, the Grand Hotel is a hotel built in 1877 on the island. Compared to newer hotels on the same level there is no comparison. Best way I can explain it is that we went to a very fine hotel and felt like we were set back in time. There have been 5 presidents stay here, Russian primer Putin, and to speak of it's age Thomas Edison and Mark Twain! A National historic landmark, and considered one of the top 100 hotels in the world. All this on a rock in the middle of the straits of Mackinac at the top of lake huron, who'd of thought?

There is only 3 means of transportation on the island. By foot, by bike, or by horse/buggy. There are no cars aloud on the island. So life takes a step back when you get off the boat and hit the island. I have to say we were very well taken care of right from the get go. When getting on the ferry they parked our car and tagged our luggage. Next time I seen our bags they were on the bed in our room. When you get off the boat the hotel has a carriage ready to take you to the hotel. Very nice. Couple more perks, full breakfast and dinner included. After dinner coffee included, and no tipping aloud in the hotel. You are waited on hand and foot, at your beck and call. For a shop rat working around 100 hrs a week I'm definitely out of my element! And to really throw me out of my comfort zone dinner requires a coat and tie...A SUIT? CRAP! 51 years old and never wore a suit (except for the tux rental for weddings), never owned one, never wanted one. Needles to say I now own a suit. Spent a day and a half trying to figure out how to tie a tie!

Dinner here at the Grand is 5 star gourmet dining. Felt out of place but loved it. Food was excellent! Staff was excellent! Never had this level of comfort, I could get used to this. If they do this deal next year I think I'm gonna be all over it!

The hotel

Our ride.

Pre-ordered flowers for the wife, they were in the room. Also got a special 6" anniversary cake seved to us at dinner.

View from our window. Can also see downtown, Round Island lighthouse, Mackinaw City, and the bridge for our room. Awesome!

Billed as the worlds longest covered porch 600+ feet long

Anyone guess what this is? No it's not a urinal.  :lol: Although there is no smoking aloud anywhere in the hotel, these were left as part of the historic feel of the hotel.

The movie Somewhere in Time was filmed here at the hotel and they have a small area devoted to the movie. There is also a bar, the  Cupola bar which sits on top of the hotel. With windows all around you can sit here with a cool drink and see for miles. The views are awesome! We had a great time, and although I'm not a hotel guy (rather haul my own house) and won't be making this a habit, I wouldn't mind staying here again sometime. For now it was another item on the bucket list. Next on the list is climbing to the top of the towers of the Mighty Mackinaw bridge!

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Re: Grand Hotel, Mackinaw Island
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2015, 06:41:25 pm »
looks beautiful!
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