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Author Topic: Opinions appreciated on light 5.9L upgrades  (Read 1046 times)

Offline Aelwulf

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Opinions appreciated on light 5.9L upgrades
« on: September 22, 2016, 03:17:56 am »
Hi folks. I've been reading here on & off a bit and finally registered. I was hoping to get some opinions on parts. I've found a few threads on search that have helped a lot narrowing down some options, so thanks for those.

My truck info is in my sig. I'm not looking to do a whole lot right now as family costs come first, but I'm doing a tune-up due to a possible change of station and figured I'd do some changes/upgrades while at it.

I currently have an aFe CAI intake with a dry filter and a different brand intake vortex block (that'll likely come off soon, limited (if any) improvement but adds height to work around). On the exit end I have a custom exhaust with I believe 2.5" pipes going into a Magnaflow hi-flow cat then a Magnaflow performance muffler, leading out to dual 3" tips out the back.

My goal right now is to pretty much top off a 'Stage 1' type setup. So my main focus is on ignition and likely changing out some smaller easy-access items such as PCV valve, possibly TPS sensor, serpentine belt, belt tensioner, cooling hoses, etc.

After some general reading, and some more specific reading of threads on here, I'm looking at going with NGK 6441 Iridium IX spark plugs, Taylor Thundervolt 8.2mm spark plug wires, MSD 8228 Blaster coil (with required Accel adapter), Accel distributor cap, and Accel Heavy Duty rotor.

I'm also likely going to get the Hughes Plenum kit with the FelPro gaskets to hopefully take care of any issue there. Maybe a larger throttle body if funds allow.

A tuner isn't in the plans at the moment, but may reconsider if the Superchips-type crowd think it's worth it and it's not much. More than a hundred or two and I might as well go with a better reprogrammable one, which has to wait for later.

Outside the engine bay I currently have Monroe Reflex shocks & struts. While they've been ok, I've been thinking of changing to another brand to see how it goes. I'm thinking either Rancho RS5000s or RS 9000s, or Bilstein 5100s. I do a bit of off-roading, some towing, but mostly just daily driving/some light hauling. Would those be an improvement, or stick with the Reflex set?

I'm also getting an ABS dash piece from Geno's Garage as mine recently cracked all to Hades. Debating getting the heater core & A/C evaporator done while it's out, but not sure as they still work (although probably not at full strength).

I currently have BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires on it. They're 285s. I know, too large, but it's what I get for trusting a tire store employee to actually know a proper size. They do ok, just grind a bit at full turn lock which I rarely do. So looking to drop down to at least 265s. It has a stock lift (far as I know, got it that way).

Down the road I'd like to look into cams, possibly a 408 stroker upgrade or something, all that fun stuff. But for now the heavier mods will have to be on standby. :/

Thanks for any input!
1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie SLT Club Cab 5.9L 360
aFe CAI intake with dry filter
Intake vortex (likely coming off)
Custom exhaust, Magnaflow hi-flow cat, Magnaflow performance muffler

Offline sander54

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Re: Opinions appreciated on light 5.9L upgrades
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2017, 12:26:16 pm »
Both the rancho and bilstein shocks are good. Just choose the one that fits your budget.


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