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Author Topic: FRONT END  (Read 1026 times)

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« on: February 18, 2017, 03:25:37 am »
I just replaced both upper and lower ball joints, drag link and drag link end, tie rod and tie rod end, and put new adjuster tubes on both bars.  I had to measure total length rather than count threads or turns when putting bars and ends back together because the tubes and bars were different length than stock.  After putting both bars together and installing the drag link I realized that my steering wheel was turned 1/4 turn from straight.  I thought I better straighten it before installing the tie rod so I did.  I bolted everything up and dropped it to the ground and turned the wheel a couple times each way to see how she felt and upon inspecting it after I noticed the  drivers side tire was turned in a little and passenger side looked normal.  My question is do u think this is because I installed drag link before straightening the steering wheel or if that had anything to do with it?  I am taking her in for an alignment in the morning but was just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on how this happened and if theres anything I can do as I don't want to drive it to the shop like it is.  TIA Mopar Bro's!   :helpsmilie:


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