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Author Topic: 1985 Dodge D100 Lowering Help.  (Read 2047 times)

Offline Garrett 1985

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1985 Dodge D100 Lowering Help.
« on: May 31, 2017, 08:52:49 pm »
I have a 1985 Dodge D100 Custom with a 225 Slant Six with a 3 Speed Automatic. Truck has no rust @ ALL! and its completely stock besides the rims. But besides all that I really want to lower my truck in the back and front. Im looking to get a 4" - 7" drop on front and back(Leveled out of course). If that is not possible without doing major amount of work I would love to just level the truck out and get rid of the ugly rake in the back. Please can someone just leave some info on how to lower an 85 or what i will need  / have to do to achieve a lowered truck.

Now I notice that the 1985 Dodge came with the axle under the leaf so you cannot use lowering blocks which is what i wanted to do but the only way i can do that is to flip the axle but Im sure that will give me a big enough drop lol.

For the front i heard you can use Van lower control arms and it make the spring sit lower giving you a couple inches but is there another way because it seems hard to find those where I live

One question I have is that if i flip my rear axle will the pumpkin hit the bed?

Another question is what are the steps to flipping your axle.

Here are some pictures of my truck.
(The tag is colored in.)

https://puu.sh/w6Rar/34f4c8e333.png (Side / Passenger Side)

https://puu.sh/w6RnV/85d944fdb4.png (Front)

https://puu.sh/w6S8i/31609a378e.png (Another Front)

https://puu.sh/w6RI4/8ec38b862f.png (Side / Driver Side)

https://puu.sh/w6RMi/bc0850a859.png (Rear Axle)

https://puu.sh/w6RXD/9359a6ed20.png (Engine Bay)

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Re: 1985 Dodge D100 Lowering Help.
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2017, 11:55:09 am »
Welcome to the forum.

Can't help with the lowering question...but nice looking truck.  :up:
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