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Author Topic: Need some help going to be buying my first truck (2nd gen ram vs 1st gen silvera  (Read 955 times)

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Hey guys so long story short ive been a car guy most of my life (im 24) and im currently driving a lowered acura rsx witch was cool when i was 17 but the more i drive it and park it in the winter the more i hate it and im getting very bored with it, im currently in the process of selling it. now im looking to move into a truck. im stuck between a 2nd gen Ram and a 1999+ silverado. my dad has a 2001 silverado 5.3 so ive been around the silverado for a long time and to this day its still going strong with 330k miles, so that definitely gave me some inspiration to look for one of those but at the same time i really like the way the 2nd gen dodges can look. can you guys give me some insight on these trucks maybe give me some knowledge on what the pros and cons for the 2nd gen rams are? i would also love to get a diesel but at the same time i dont think id really need one even tho the diesel cool factor is there. im looking to spend around 5k i knows its pretty low but im not expecting something pristine im looking to fix it up paint it ect just like i did my car. so i guess my question overall is 2nd gen rams vs 1999+ silverados. what would be the better pick if for instance i liked them both cosmetically the same. forgot to add its going to be 4x4 i live in upstate NY and im looking to have some fun in the snow.


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