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Author Topic: 2nd gen dash install  (Read 2815 times)

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2nd gen dash install
« on: January 12, 2012, 04:18:04 am »
This is an old diy I made.  I took the old one down to fix some changes because the editor was messing up on here.. and forgot to repost it.  Here it is...  :banging:

01 Ram Dash Pad installation
Well..  I finally got tired of looking at my dash in this condition.  It is common for these dashes to crack and fall apart.  Even still I decided I needed to change it.  A local junkyard had this dash pad in a 99 ram and said if you pull it, it is $20.  Surprised at what the amount was…  I couldn’t pass up the deal considering what new replacements cost (not dash caps or coverlays), and especially the cost of the new mopar replacement.  The bad news is this dash did have two hairline cracks at the defrost vents which I drilled a hole at the end of the crack to stop it, and super glued the crack back together.  Hopefully that will last for now.  Anyway to get started… here we go.

Note:  All Phillips head screws are size #2.
To get started, I disconnected the battery (10mm wrench), and waited for a minimum of two minutes to let the airbag capacitor discharge.  While waiting I removed the glove box.  To do this you open the glove box, push on the back center of the box (which causes the catches on the side to be pulled in) and then the box can now tilt out.  Next pick up the glove box up to disconnect it from the hooks on the bottom.  Piece of cake.
Next, remove the plastic trim that is located in front of the glove box latch.  (3 Phillips screws)  Then remove the metal glove box latch hoop (2 Phillips screws).  You should end up looking like this.

Next remove the three bolts in the front holding the airbag, and the two under the dash. (10mm head bolts).  Remove the airbag cover screws (you will see them next to the first three airbag bolts you removed which are four Phillips head screws).  Next, disconnect the yellow airbag connector under the dash.  Crawl under, look up and you will see it.  Gently pull out the airbag ( it is clipped in to the dash and will come straight out when you pull).  Just be gentle.  It should look like this.

Next, it is time to work on the driver’s side a while.  If you haven’t pulled the black bezel off yet, now would be a good time.  Then remove all of the screws that that were behind the bezel, as well as behind where the airbag was.  Follow up by removing the three screws under the dash to remove the lower dash section directly under the steering wheel.  Next remove the gear indicator wire.   Then remove the three firewall nuts that connect to the steering column, followed by the two 10mm nuts located right below the cluster.  After that, the steering wheel is free to drop so let it rest on the seat.

Next remove the five 8mm head bolts located across the dash by the window.  Then remove the kick panels on the side of the truck.  You will need to remove the screw closest to the kick panels from the door sill plastic on both sides.  Then pull out the panels.  Next remove the abs cover in the center of the truck under the dash by removing the two Phillips head screws.  Next, loosen the two ½” bolts that you probably discovered when you removed the kick panels.  Finally there are two 10 mm bolts back where you removed the abs cover.  While supporting the dash with one hand, loosen the lower two that the heads point towards the driver’s side and passenger side.  At this point, the dash is free to roll away from the firewall.  Give it a tug and it will then rest on the steering wheel.

With the dash pulled away… here comes the fun part.  Remove the dash pieces as best you can.  Since mine was bad, I was able to remove a lot and made preparation for the new dash a lot easier.  The reason the dash pad is normally a B, is because dodge decided to screw the defrost vents to the dash as well.   In the real world to install this pad correctly, I pretty much would have had to remove the entire dash from the truck (which is what I did at the junkyard to salvage this good dash pad.  Anyway, back to what I said earlier I removed the chunks of dash as best I could.  I used my one hand to feel where the dash was mounted and a stubby screw driver in the other hand to remove the screws one by one.  Also remove the two side screws that were not accessible before the dash dropped.

After I removed all of the screws from the defrost vents and all of the pieces are out, here is what it looks like.

Now, for preparation for the new dash and my planning on not reinstalling the defrost screws, I opted to install some foam around the defrost holes as such.  There is a company on ebay who makes replacement bolt in pads like the originals, except they do not use the defrost screws and put the foam around the vents.  I can’t take credit for that idea, but let me tell you it made installation a ton easier not having to worry about those screws.

Next, toss the replacement dash on top of the dash and situate it to where it sits correctly on the dash.  Then screw the face screws into the dash, and the side screws.

Next push the dash back up to the window.  This can be rather tricky with one person, but is manageable but hold the dash up and tighten the two abs bolts, and the two kick panel bolts to return the dash to the correct position.  Should look something like this…  :D  SWEET

Next, break out the college textbooks (must be college textbooks :p others will not work jk).  I decided to put a tiny bit of pressure on the dash to compress the foam that I put on the dash that hits the defrost vents.  Then tighten down the five windshield screws.

Now that the dash is back in place, reinstall the airbag (connector and bolts), glove box latch, plastic latch cover, and the glove box.  Passenger side is looking good :)

Next re-bolt up the steering column (firewall and then to the dash), attach the gear indicator wire, reinstall the lower dash section.  Install the abs cover too.  Wow, what an improvement.

The dash pad is a pretty close match.  It is the right color, but is a little dull.  I bet if I go over it with something similar to armor all, then it would match everything else.  What is weird is the airbag looks to be a different color in the picture, but it really isn’t… hmm.  Must be the lighting or angle or something.
Next, cleanup time.  I tossed the dash into the bed while working and this is what I ended up with.  Oh my bezel was trash too so I picked up one while I was at the junkyard too, as well as some other goodies that will probably end up as diy’s

Hope this can help you.  Wish ya luck.
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Re: 2nd gen dash install
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2012, 11:19:40 pm »
AWESOME!! :up:

Whats involved in removing the black bezel? Is it screwed in? I always get nervous with those "push in" type  tabs

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Re: 2nd gen dash install
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2012, 08:40:00 pm »
AWESOME!! :up:

Whats involved in removing the black bezel? Is it screwed in? I always get nervous with those "push in" type  tabs

It pulls off fairly easy.  You can actually grab it by hand and remove it.
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Re: 2nd gen dash install
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2013, 07:04:34 pm »
Nice write up!  This is a huge help!

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Re: 2nd gen dash install
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2014, 07:02:04 am »
If you live anywhere it gets over 80 degrees, Be extremely careful pulling off the black bezel . Every one I have pulled off a turck over 3 years old I lost half or more of the pegs that lock it in the dash. Then had to buy a replacement. And Dodge, LMC are not cheap!


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