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Author Topic: Morimoto LED headlights for 4th gen Rams  (Read 147 times)

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Morimoto LED headlights for 4th gen Rams
« on: June 22, 2019, 09:48:38 am »
Has anyone taken a look at the new soon to be available for the 4th gen Rams. They look awesome, very similar to the ones on the top of the line 5th gen Rams. Not cheap at all, and wonít be available till end of the month or early 2019, but I am seriously considering them.

The quad reflectors I have on my truck are useless on dark roads, and I donít want to be that guy that sticks LED bulbs or an HID kit in a reflector housing. Iíve considered converting to the OEM projector lights but Iíve heard they arenít a huge improvement over the quads.

So far thereís only a few videos and photos of prototypes out there but I really like what I see.


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