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Author Topic: TSB 21-011-07: Transfer Case Range Position Sensor Circuit High  (Read 3412 times)

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Date: July 4, 2007   

Models: 2007 (DR) Ram Truck (1500)

NOTE: This bulletin applies to four wheel drive Light Duty Ram Trucks that are equipped with a NV-246 transfer case (sales code DH8) and were built on or between October 30, 2006 (MDH 1030) and June 19, 2007 (MDH 0619XX).

This bulletin involves diagnosis procedures to determine if the clutch apply / inner bearing support plate is worn in the NV-246 Transfer Case (T-Case).

The customer may experience one or more of the following conditions:

A). Illumination of the "SERV 4WD" lamp in the instrument cluster.

B). A Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illumination due to Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) C1405 - Transfer Case Range Position Sensor Circuit High.

The above condition(s) will occur when the "4WD High" mode is selected using the transfer case mode selector switch. This condition may be due to wear on the transfer case inner bearing support (clutch apply plate). Indentations (wear) may occur in the inner bearing support plate surface which may allow the transfer case shift actuator to over-travel and cause the condition(s) experienced by the customer.

1. Perform the diagnostic procedures for DTC C1405. Was the condition corrected?
    a. If YES >>> then STOP. This bulletin does not apply.
    b. If NO >>> then proceed to the next step.
2. If not already, connect the StarSCAN scan tool to the vehicle Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC). Power up the StarSCAN.
3. Start the vehicle engine.
4. Verify that the transfer case mode selector switch is in the "2WD" mode.
5. From the "Home" screen on the StarSCAN:
    a. Select the "ECU View" button.
    b. Select the "TIPM"' (Totally Integrated Power Module) button.
    c. Select the "Data Display" button.
    d. Scroll down and select/highlight "T-Case Position Sensor Voltage".
    e. Select the "Add to Graph" button.
    f. Select the "View Graph" button.
6. Monitor the voltage of the T-Case Position Sensor while the transfer case is in "2WD" mode.
7. Move the transfer case mode selector switch to the "4WD LOCK" mode (high range). Verify that the transfer case has shifted fully into '4WD LOCK' mode. It may be necessary to move the vehicle a small distance in order to obtain full "4WD LOCK" mode.
8. Monitor the voltage of the T-Case Position Sensor while and after the transfer case electrically shifts to "4WD LOCK" mode.
9. The technician may want to shift the transfer case between "4WD LOCK" mode and "2WD" mode several times while monitor the T-Case Position Sensor voltage.
10. When shifted to "4WD LOCK" mode and/or while the transfer case operates in "4WD
    LOCK" mode, did the T-Case Position Sensor voltage equal or exceed 4.75 volts?
    a. If YES >>> then perform the Repair Procedure.
    b. If NO >>> then STOP. This bulletin does not apply. Further diagnosis is required.
11. Turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position.

Parts Required:
Qty.    Part No.            Description
1    05170559AA    Plate, Clutch Apply / Inner Bearing Support (NV-246)
1    05170539AA    Seal, Input
1    04318083            Mopar Gasket Maker
1    05189429AA    Gasket, Transfer Case Isolator
1    05179014AA    NV-246 Transfer Case Lubricant

Special Tools/Equipment Required:
NPN       Battery Charger
CH9401      StarSCAN® Tool
CH9404    StarSCAN® Vehicle Cable

Repair Procedure:
1. Replace the clutch apply (inner bearing support) plate, which is located on the front of the clutch assembly and main shaft. Refer to TechCONNECT for detailed service information: select the Service Info tab / 21 - Transmission and Transfer Case / Transfer Case - NV246 - Service Information / Removal, Disassembly, Assembly, and Installation.
NOTE: The front output shaft flange does not require removal from the transfer case housing to perform this repair. There should be no need to remove at least the following components from the transfer case housing: the front output shaft speed sensor, front propeller shaft seal boot and retaining clamp, and the front output shaft oil slinger.

Policy:    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

Failure Code:
ZZ           Service Action


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